The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 17


So, as promised, I’m posting my ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots today! But first, here’s my review for yesterday, which was day 17/the last day of the first cycle.

I’m going to go into too much detail right now about my body… So every month when my period comes, I get INSANE cramps. They’re so bad that I break out into cold sweats, I feel like I’m going to throw up, and sometimes the pain is so bad that I feel like I’m going to pass out. It only started getting this bad when I was 17… I’m currently 22 years old. I just suffered for years thinking that I could tough it out, or pray that the next month would be better. I finally went to the doctor two months ago and was prescribed Tylenol 3’s, Buscopan, and Naproxen. The Tylenol 3’s help with the nausea and headaches and just general pain. The Buscopan is to slow the rhythmic contractions in the stomach area, and it reduces muscle spasms. The Naproxen is an anti-inflammatory drug that is helping to reduce the inflammation in my uterus… obviously. These three in conjunction have worked wonderfully. I got my period yesterday and only took one of each of the pills and they lasted all day. Today I took one of each again and I’m feeling good. The relevance of all this TMI is that I’m not supposed to take these pills on an empty stomach, and when I’m on my period, certain foods just turn me off completely, even foods that I normally love. So I just wanted to explain why my eating pattern, and food choices for yesterday were so weird. So onto less gross things…

Yesterday I woke up, had green tea, ate carrots and tzatziki sauce, and microwave popcorn. I thought about eating poached eggs, but the thought of eating eggs made my stomach churn. I took my pills for the first time yesterday and was in a panic about whether or not they would work. Within an hour, I felt like I was having a normal period for the first time in 6 years. So far, so good (:

I didn’t feel like I could eat lunch, so I didn’t.

I didn’t workout because the pills just made me feel tired. My body was relaxed and I just wanted to be cozy in bed. So, that’s what I did. I stayed in bed and started watching Bates Motel (which I’m now OBSESSED with) until I had to get ready for work. I eventually got up and showered and went to work. For dinner at work I had a small, completely plain, piece of baked fish. I also ate frozen mangoes, strawberries, and peach yogurt. That seemed to be enough to satisfy me. At 9:30PM, I finished work and was starving, so my boyfriend took me to Subway to get a chicken breast salad. It was a variety of vegetables, chicken breast, pepper, and oregano. I never get cheese or sauce/dressing on my Subway salads. So I ate my salad, had a tiny bite of a cookie and had a couple of sips of my boyfriends iced tea. When I got home I had a bite of a pork chop filet. So that concluded my eating for the final day of the first cycle. Not horrible, but not exactly perfect.

I’ve decided to continue on with the second cycle of the 17 Day Diet! Yay! You all get to read more posts about my lack of will power when it comes to Chinese food and cookies! Thanks for following me on the first 17 days of this eating plan, and thanks for not being JUDGEY!

Finally, as promised… here are my ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. Don’t be too hard on me!

BEFORE - The morning of my first day on The 17 Day Diet, cycle 1.

BEFORE – The morning of my first day on The 17 Day Diet, cycle 1.

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 11.56.46 AM

AFTER – The morning after the final day of The 17 Day Diet, Cycle 1.


The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 16

Day 16! I can’t believe I actually only have one day left!

Today was exceptional!

For breakfast I ate one poached egg, carrots and tzatziki sauce, and some turkey soup (I ate lunch -ish items because I woke up late)

I worked out for thirty minutes on the Bowflex! Yayyyyy! In addition to working out I was also doing a lot of house chores before work. Stuff that required moving and lifting, which was good. For lunch I ate more turkey soup, chicken stir fry, a small piece of chicken breast, carrot sticks, and strawberries.

At work, for dinner, I ate cauliflower rice with chicken breast, and mangoes and strawberries with yogurt!

My eating was on point today, and I’m proud that I pushed myself the extra ten minutes on the Bowflex. I’m looking forward to the last day.

I actually want a tea so bad but I’m too lazy to boil water. Stay tuned for the 17th day! On the morning of the 29th, I’ll be posting my ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots! EEEKKKS!

– E

The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 15

Uh Oh! Two days left!

It’s safe to say that I had more bad days than good following this eating plan, but I’m not upset. I’ve just come to realize that any type of lifestyle change is going to have it’s bad/horrible days, and there are gonna be some days where you just get it completely right. Last night, after blogging, I was Googling ’17 Day Diet’ reviews, and I was completely enlightened by some of the stuff I had read from other people who had done, or are still doing the 17 Day Diet. So many people raved that by the end of the fourth cycle, they were practically eating whatever they wanted (with a few limitations, according to the book) and were STILL losing weight or maintaining their weight, happily. I read that one person had lost a full 17 pounds doing the first cycle of the book. Another person who had done the four cycles, was down almost 50 pounds, and was looking to re-start the diet to lose a bit more!

To recap my day, for breakfast, I ate two poached eggs, carrot sticks with a bit of tzatziki sauce, and yogurt with strawberries and chia seeds.

Worked out for 20 minutes on the Bowflex, ate cauliflower rice, baked chicken and baked fish for lunch.

For dinner, I had a lot of chicken stir fry, and some sauteed beef (<– beef isn’t allowed in the first cycle. Whoops).

My eating was pretty simple today. I didn’t really snack in between meals because I didn’t feel the need to. Of course I’ve got two nearly perfect days in a row, near the end of the first cycle. Here’s to the next two days! WISH ME LUCK! I’m going to need it!

– E

The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 14

Blogging a little early today. I guess to make up for being late on all my weekend posts.

So right now nearly marks the end of day 14! So exciting. My eating today was exceptional. I tried really hard knowing that I have to post ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos in a matter of days.

This morning for breakfast, I ate two poached eggs, spinach, strawberries and yogurt. I worked out for 20 minutes on the Bowflex.

For lunch I had cauliflower rice, steamed broccoli and baked fish. I ate an apple and a yogurt cup as a snack between lunch and dinner.

For dinner I had riceless sushi again! SOOO GOOD!!! I also had a miso soup and salmon sashimi. I completely forgot to take a picture of my amazing sushi, even though I really wanted to. It will not be the last time I order this exact same sushi roll, so I will for sure take a picture of it the next time I order it.

I doubt I’ll be doing anymore eating for today, so I’m going to assume that I’ll be ending this day on a really good note. If I do consume anything it’ll be a piece of fruit, a yogurt cup, some raw veggies or some tea.

I started researching ‘make your own riceless sushi’ on Google and Youtube, and there are so many easy, healthy variations. It’s obviously unrealistic for me to continue buying these riceless rolls over and over again. As much as I’d love to, I’d go broke. I will definitely be blogging a how to post on how to make your own riceless sushi soon!

Thanks for the continued support and following me on this 17 day struggle!

Where is Spring?!

$39.00 before taxes


I bought these booties thinking that Spring was around the corner… We still have tons of snow, it’s still freezing out and we’re coming up on the end of March. Someday soon, hopefully. It would be really nice to show these new babies off! They’re roomy, and despite being a couple of inches, they’re comfy and they’re faux leather and have a studding around the ankle dip!

The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 13

WARNING! Today, I DID NOT try.

So here’s my review for day 13.

If you read my review for day 12, you probably guessed that I woke up SOOO hungover this morning. I cannot even remember what time I woke up today. It had to have been like 9:00 or 10:00AM… My head felt like someone was setting off fireworks inside of it. I woke up on my couch, wrapped in towels and blankets from not being able to dress myself after my boyfriend had to bathe me the night before. So shameful. Anyways, I was dying of thirst when I woke up, finally mustered up the strength to put a nightgown on and down a big glass of water. I bummed around the house until my mom and her boyfriend got home. They laughed at me when I told them about the night before, and how I was too much of a hot mess to make it to the club.

Eventually I got dressed and my boyfriend, brother and I went to a nice little asian restaurant and had pho soup… Mmmm. This made me so happy. I got the noodles on the side, and my boyfriend ended up eating them with a bit of my soup. I also ate shrimp salad rolls. Eating made me feel so much better. Also I realized how drinking ice water when hungover, is like drinking liquid gold. My throat was still burning from my exquisite night. So we ate, and then we shopped at Value Village. I bought this super cute black, felt, wide brimmed hat. I came home and I took a nap. When I woke up I ate a couple of chocolate cookies, then my grandpa came over and had supper with Mom and I. We ate turkey, stuffing, broccoli, hamburger macaroni and cheese, mixed vegetables, baked potatoes, and mashed sweet potatoes and gravy. I had a little bit of everything. As hungry as I thought I was, I had one plate and felt super full.

Just a bit over an hour ago, my boyfriend came home with like tons of chocolates. I just ate two Kinder Surprise Eggs. I can’t help it.

I also drank a Kool-Aid Jammer, which normally, I think are gross and over-sugared. Oh well. My eating is done for the day, and as you can tell, today did not go well, and neither did the rest of my weekend. HAHA! Big time failure. I’m already over it. I did horribly this weekend but I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I’m sad that it sucked, but I ate what I ate, and drank what I drank and now the day is almost over and tomorrow is a new day.

Thanks for following my weekend shenanigans! Tomorrow will be amazing! Yay for MONDAYYYYYSS! A new week!

– E

The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 12

This is review for day 12 (yesterday)

My eating was rubbish yesterday. Please just skip past this post, and if you WANT to read about my failure (and maybe laugh at my life), don’t judge me.

I woke up around noon, and felt like crap because whenever I sleep in that late, I feel like I’ve just wasted an entire day. So I didn’t have breakfast type food, I technically just ate lunch and had cauliflower rice and fish. My mother later came home with sticky buns. I ate one. Obviously. I had a cheese string and three cookies, which were basically chocolates with a cookie base…

I went to the mall to pick some stuff up, and I ended up eating a super chicken burrito from Taco Time. When I got home, I ate cashews and a hotdog. Later that night my brothers friends came over so we could all go out for my brothers birthday which was 10 days ago… So they all came over and I of course, wanted to drink so I had red wine, an all mango smoothie with some gin (I’m so healthy) and a couple of shots of stuff I can’t remember, while drinking, I was also eating barbecue chips. When we left to go to the bar I literally made it there, was standing in the VIP line with my boyfriend, my brother and his friends, and in my head, I knew I could not even do it or last the rest of the night. It had been so long since I had last drunk the amount that I did so I made my poor boyfriend take me home. As soon as I got out of the truck in front of my house, BOOM! Upchuck. I was so sick. I had to be put into the shower and everything. Embarrassing to say the least. Never made it to the club, just spewed outside of my house (TMI I KNOW!), basically had to be bathed by my boyfriend, and put to bed. So that was my wonderful day/night. Day 13 isn’t better. LOOK OUT!

The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 11

This my day 11 review. Sorry I’m late.

I’m going to try to post as if I’m in the mindset of yesterday.

So yesterday was good except for when I started eating cookies and drinking wine and Ciroc with juice at midnight.

I woke up, had eggs, salad, yogurt and fruit for breakfast. I also worked out for a total of THIRTY minutes! Woohoo *pumps fist repeatedly*

For lunch, I had fish and cauliflower rice and greek yogurt.

For supper, I was at work and I had RICELESS SUSHI! It was literally like the best thing I’ve ever discovered. The sushi’s encasing is a cucumber and the inside had avocado, raw salmon, raw tuna, and some other stuff. It was so good! I also had a miso soup and salmon sashimi.

My eating from yesterday sounds exceptional, and now that I’m thinking about it, I’m really sad that I sabotaged myself. After work my cousin and his girlfriend invited my boyfriend and I over to come hang out. We stopped at Subway and I got a dozen cookies for $5.00 (not just for myself! I’m not that crazy) and then we stopped to get alcohol. I bought a bottle of dark red wine because I’m one of those girls who’s like, ‘I can drink red wine because it’s good for you!’ Then I drink 2 bottles to myself.

I maybe had a sip of red wine at my cousins place until my aunt offered me some peach Ciroc with fruit juice. I also ate 2 subway cookies, maybe it was 3, and I ate some Dortios.

Why do I always go buck wild after 9:00PM?! It’s like the witching hour… I just go crazy and all my inhibitions go out the door. This has to be fixed. Anyways, just as a heads up, I’m halfway through day 12, and things aren’t looking so great. Another shitty day. Everyone will get to hear about it either later tonight, or tomorrow sometime.

Thanks for keeping up with me! I really do need the support and love!

The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 10


Today was AMAZING! I ate good all day and I exercised!!! WOOHOO!!! So I literally have seven days left and I’m determined to make the last seven days really count.

I had two poached eggs, spinach, and yogurt with chia seeds and blueberries for breakfast. For lunch I ate mixed vegetables, cauliflower rice and chicken. I also ate an apple and some yougurt. I was out tonight for dinner, but I still managed to eat well. I had mixed vegetables with salmon and chicken and green tea! I was mildly tempted to get dessert but that passed when I just took two seconds to think about how I have to take a ‘before’ shot of my body 7 days from today. I feel like my posts are getting shorter and shorter each day, but I guess it’s because the less shitty I eat, there’s less for me to talk about. Funny how that works. I’m glad today went well. Last night after blogging, I was up late just looking at pictures of fit women on the internet and on Instagram. That always kind of helps me realize that other people are working hard to maintain their weight and fitness levels, and that I’m no different. If I want it, I’m the only person who can do it.

Anyways, I’m really distracted by how much Spring cleaning I need to do. The list includes a cosmetic purge, clothing purge, shoe purge, handbag/tote/clutch purge, and an unhealthy attitude purge. I’m looking forward to tomorrow to see how well I can do. I’m actually aiming to workout for 30 minutes tomorrow. We’ll see if I follow through. Thanks for the continued support! WISH ME LUCK!

The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 9

9 days down, 8 to go!

Today went so-so. My eating was not 100%, I also didn’t work out because the house is under construction, and we are temporarily without a kitchen sink… So it is a little chaotic around here. This post is going to be short and sweet.

Woke up, drank my lemon tea, and ate cauliflower rice with a poached egg for breakfast. Did some house chores inside, shovelled snow for a bit, then came back inside and did some more house chores. Ate chicken breast and salad for lunch, showered, went to work, ate chicken breast and mixed vegetables and drank green tea for supper. Came home and ate a salad and cantaloupe. I wish I could say I stopped eating after that, but I did not. So it’s 10:00PM and on top of my little salad and fruit, I also ate two perogies (my computer doesn’t recognize the work perogy…), a chicken finger, and 6 Werther’s (but it recognizes Werther’s, as in the candy) chocolate crunch candies. The candies alone were 120 calories total… OOOPSIES!

Oh and I also had one single cup of a pumpkin spiced latte, TSK TSK!

I’m really starting to feel unmotivated and mostly irritated. I just feel like I’m not eating enough of a variety to keep being interested. I’m also super lazy when it comes to cooking. I like things that just go into the microwave or the oven and come out and are ready to eat. I hate cutting, peeling, steaming, prepping or whatever. I’m over it. I’m just over this day. At this point, the thought of eating clean just makes me roll my eyes. I’m planning on heading to Walmart in a bit to pick up more produce, yogurt, chicken and fish. Hopefully the walk around Walmart will do me some good.

Tomorrow leaves me with 8 days… EEEEEKS! Wish me better luck tomorrow!