The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 1

So today was the first day of my 17 day journey. 16 more to go.

I ate according to the book, except for one chicken finger. Shame on me. My dad showed up at my house shortly after supper, and proceeded to take me to some hole in the wall, Chinese restaurant, downtown. I picked through the chow mein that he INSISTED on ordering, and only ate the broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and chicken. No breads, pastas or rice for this girl.

My dad looks at me like I’ve lost my mind anytime I’m trying to eat healthy, or if I say no to chocolate. He always tells me that I don’t need to drop a single pound. Like, thanks dad, next you’re going to tell me that I’m the prettiest girl in the world (bless his soul).

Other than that one chicken finger, everything was pretty good today. I woke up, had a good breakfast, ate chicken breast, and vegetables for lunch and dinner. Drank water all day, had green tea, had chamomile tea AND, I exercised for 20 minutes rather than just 17 minutes. Where’s my gold medal?

– E


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