The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 3

Day 3 (March 13th) practically down. Virtual high five to all the people following my 17 day struggle.

My eating was not the greatest today. I woke up fairly early and spent all morning looking at blogs, and when I finally did get out of bed, I had lots of tea, an apple and some yogurt with chia seeds. No protein in my breakfast ):

I met up with a girlfriend downtown for more tea and a bit of shopping, which allowed me to walk around and just move in general. I tried on a billion things like I always do, which to me, is a workout in itself.

After shopping, I came home to a package from Rebecca Minkoff!!! A post of what was in the package, will follow shortly (:

I technically did not eat lunch today, which I know is horrible. I skipped that entire meal completely and went straight to dinner. TSK TSK. Because it was my brothers birthday, I was out for dinner with my brother, my boyfriend, my mom, moms boyfriend, and my aunt. I ordered baked salmon, steamed vegetables and a tossed salad… It really is as exciting and delicious as it sounds. No it’s not. Everyone around me ate fries, steaks, or burgers. My brother ended up getting a complimentary, birthday brownie which I had a bite of, don’t judge me. I also ate 3 boneless, honey garlic wings, which I practically made love to because they were so good… AND I had like 10 restaurant mints.

So… brownie, wings and mints (aka candy). Not particularly proud of todays eating. I also did not do my required 17 minutes of exercise, but I was walking around a lot while shopping, and since getting home from dinner, I’ve been doing loads of laundry which need to be hauled up and down 2 flights of stairs, among other house chores.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for working out and for eating. Also, since all these birthday festivities are over, I can stop being mentally harassed by different cakes.

LASTLY, I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE to include pictures in my next review day post. I know how daunting and boring looking at a blog post is, if all there is to look at, are words.

– E


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