The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 4

Here’s my review for day 4 (March 14th)

So the day started out great. Started with a healthy breakfast, worked out for 20 minutes on the Bowflex, ate baked fish and a giant salad for lunch and then went to work and ate another giant salad and baked fish for supper, but then my girlfriend/co-worker tempted me with some raisin Glosettes… I ate like, 5. No big deal, raisins are a fruit, right? I’ve also never had Altoids in my life, and for some reason, my boyfriend decided to give me a mini tin of cinnamon Altoids. The tin had roughly 12 pieces and I ate 9. I was all about the Altoids yesterday. If you haven’t caught on yet, I have a sweet tooth that can’t be stopped.

After work, my dad decided that he would take my brother, boyfriend and I out for Chinese food, in celebration of my brothers birthday (my parents are separated, so we get to do two of everything. Two birthday dinners, two Christmases, two houses, double the presents etc. Separation isn’t bad forever). Obviously I was wrong about the birthday festivities being over. So again, I was at another hole in the wall Chinese restaurant, far past supper time, sitting at a table covered in chow meins, beef dishes, and fish. I realize that this food is probably LOADED with MSG, but nonetheless I ate. I tried my best to eat the chicken, pork, fish, beef, shrimp and vegetables off each of the dishes. I had no noodles or rice and drank as much water as one person can possibly handle during one meal. I made it out okay, but naturally, my stomach hated me for it this morning.

So that was my day. Still a constant struggle to eat right, but I don’t think anyone ever gets it 100%. Today has been good so far. I’ll try to post about day 5 (today) at around 11:00PM, tonight. After today, I’ll have 12 days left!!! It’s gone by so much faster and smoother than I anticipated. This blog is keeping me mostly on track. Again, VIRTUAL HIGH FIVES to all the people who care enough to read about my sweet tooth, and my inability to stay away from Chinese food at midnight. You guys keep me motivated.

This is the Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 (middle model, out of 3) that we have at home. It’s been my bff since my mom bought it this past December.





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