Little treats

Even though I should be focusing on purging old cosmetics, clothing and shoes for Spring, I am not. I’m just adding to the already large pile of stuff that I own. When I do get around to sorting my life out, I will definitely blog about it and include photos. For now, I’m excited about some cute little things I’ve picked up (courtesy of the boyfriend). Starting from the left:

  • Orange lipstick in ‘SIREN’ by Revlon
  • Pastel pink nail polish in ‘PINK & PROPER’ by Maybelline (Color Show line)
  • Dark green nail polish in ‘WALK IN THE PARK’ by Maybelline (Color Show line)
  • Grey nail polish in ‘PIED A TERRE’ by Cake (Coco + Lulu line)
  • Red nail polish in ‘LEFT BANK’ by Cake (Coco + Lulu line)

I now have an orange lipstick that was around $7.00 and a pastel nail polish. I can check those off of my ‘must haves’ for Spring list!

I picked out the dark green nail polish, not because it’s in for Spring or because I need more nail polish, but because I’ve been looking for a dark green nail polish that isn’t practically black. I love the Color Show nail polishes because they’re like, $3.00 at Walmart and they have so many shades. As for the Coco + Lulu lacquers… I don’t even know. Grey is such a good color in general. I love grey everything, grey shoes, grey clothing, grey purses, the walls in my room are grey. The red nail polish is just this rich, bright red. It quite possibly may be the holy grail of red nail polishes, plus I got both these colors on sale for $3.00 each, originally $8.00.

IMG_1677 Photo on 2014-03-15 at 20.44

Despite thinking that orange lipstick (Siren – Revlon) would be hideous on my lips and against my skin tone, I actually love this color. I tried really hard to have the color come through as true as possible in the above photos, so I didn’t play with lighting or filters. You can blame my webcam for the the quality of the picture on the right.


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