The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 5

Hey guys! This is my review for day 5!

I started strong today! I woke up and had my lemon tea, a poached egg, a spinach salad, some greek yogurt with blueberries, mangoes and chia seeds.

I worked out for 20 minutes on the Bowflex, showered, then had chicken breast for lunch.

I bombed supper time completely… Sad/guilty face. I went to an East Indian restaurant with the boyfriend and we ordered a rice stir fry that had lamb, shrimp, chicken and some vegetables mixed in, butter chicken, whole wheat naan bread and mozzarella naan bread. Of course their entrees came with basmati rice. I did have a little bit of everything, and despite being proud of controlling the portions I ate tonight, I still ate the rice and the bread. Today’s supper has been the one meal that’s gone against the rules the absolute most.

I feel like it’s wrong to develop the mentality that you should workout to eat, or eat to workout, because then you just end up feeling guilty if you eat too much and don’t work out, or workout really hard and treat yourself to something that isn’t necessarily healthy. Regardless, I came home and did some light cardio for an hour to make up for my feasting. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and do better! Thanks for the continued support! HUGS.

– E


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