The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 6

Yayyyyy! Day 6! 11 days left! 

So I should probably mention that I did take some ‘before’ photos on the morning of day 1. They’re not fun to look at and I’m kind of embarrassed about them… That being said, I do have over a week left to really do this thing.

I feel extremely good about today! I had a super healthy, and according-to-the-book breakfast. I worked out for just over THIRTY minutes today, because apparently, I was just having a day where I felt strong, and capable. I ate a spinach salad with grilled chicken, half an avocado (I don’t think avocados are allowed during the first cycle though. Ooopsies), and half a cup of greek yogurt. For supper I had an oven roasted chicken breast salad from subway with all the vegetables, no dressing and no cheese. I also drank a million litres of tea and water (:

So there you have it folks! My first 100% successful day of The 17 Day Diet! Today has made me realize that even though some days are shit, you have days where you hit it out of the park. Here’s to tomorrow being amazing too! 


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