The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 8

Nine days left people!

I’m actually embarrassed to blog about today. It was a joke. I actually should just lie and say today was perfect.

To be completely honest, I started the day out great. I had my tea before breakfast, ate poached eggs and vegetables. I worked out for 20 minutes and did some inner thigh workout that I found on the internet, which was useless. For lunch I had this chilli that was like super healthy. It was made with real tomatoes for the sauce, ground chicken and finely chopped vegetables, and I had more of my cauliflower rice from yesterday. So far so good, right? Wrong. Fast forward to supper time. Right before supper, my lovely father came to pick me up so we could get the car that he bought for me, and I guess that was a celebratory moment, because we went out to eat. Ten points for anyone who can guess the kind of cuisine I had for supper… Just kidding, everyone knows about my chinese food addiction. Like, I’m Filipino and I just can’t quit the noodles and rice. It’s a real problem. I tried really hard to limit my portion of noodles. Ate mostly vegetables and the meat. I guess one up side would be that we went to a quality Chinese restaurant in the city, where the food is amazing and it’s all cooked fresh and with no MSG. Regardless, I still ate the damn noodles. I also ate three fortune cookies… None of which had fortunes that said I would lose weight, so I’m obviously doing something wrong, hahah! So that was my fabulous day. Not so great, but I did try. I’ve had better days and I have had worse, so I’m chalking this one up to the excitement of getting my new car. Tomorrow should be good, unless everyone at work, for some reason, decides to tempt me with Chinese food. Fingers crossed that they don’t. You all know how I feel about that particular cuisine.


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