The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 9

9 days down, 8 to go!

Today went so-so. My eating was not 100%, I also didn’t work out because the house is under construction, and we are temporarily without a kitchen sink… So it is a little chaotic around here. This post is going to be short and sweet.

Woke up, drank my lemon tea, and ate cauliflower rice with a poached egg for breakfast. Did some house chores inside, shovelled snow for a bit, then came back inside and did some more house chores. Ate chicken breast and salad for lunch, showered, went to work, ate chicken breast and mixed vegetables and drank green tea for supper. Came home and ate a salad and cantaloupe. I wish I could say I stopped eating after that, but I did not. So it’s 10:00PM and on top of my little salad and fruit, I also ate two perogies (my computer doesn’t recognize the work perogy…), a chicken finger, and 6 Werther’s (but it recognizes Werther’s, as in the candy) chocolate crunch candies. The candies alone were 120 calories total… OOOPSIES!

Oh and I also had one single cup of a pumpkin spiced latte, TSK TSK!

I’m really starting to feel unmotivated and mostly irritated. I just feel like I’m not eating enough of a variety to keep being interested. I’m also super lazy when it comes to cooking. I like things that just go into the microwave or the oven and come out and are ready to eat. I hate cutting, peeling, steaming, prepping or whatever. I’m over it. I’m just over this day. At this point, the thought of eating clean just makes me roll my eyes. I’m planning on heading to Walmart in a bit to pick up more produce, yogurt, chicken and fish. Hopefully the walk around Walmart will do me some good.

Tomorrow leaves me with 8 days… EEEEEKS! Wish me better luck tomorrow!


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