The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 11

This my day 11 review. Sorry I’m late.

I’m going to try to post as if I’m in the mindset of yesterday.

So yesterday was good except for when I started eating cookies and drinking wine and Ciroc with juice at midnight.

I woke up, had eggs, salad, yogurt and fruit for breakfast. I also worked out for a total of THIRTY minutes! Woohoo *pumps fist repeatedly*

For lunch, I had fish and cauliflower rice and greek yogurt.

For supper, I was at work and I had RICELESS SUSHI! It was literally like the best thing I’ve ever discovered. The sushi’s encasing is a cucumber and the inside had avocado, raw salmon, raw tuna, and some other stuff. It was so good! I also had a miso soup and salmon sashimi.

My eating from yesterday sounds exceptional, and now that I’m thinking about it, I’m really sad that I sabotaged myself. After work my cousin and his girlfriend invited my boyfriend and I over to come hang out. We stopped at Subway and I got a dozen cookies for $5.00 (not just for myself! I’m not that crazy) and then we stopped to get alcohol. I bought a bottle of dark red wine because I’m one of those girls who’s like, ‘I can drink red wine because it’s good for you!’ Then I drink 2 bottles to myself.

I maybe had a sip of red wine at my cousins place until my aunt offered me some peach Ciroc with fruit juice. I also ate 2 subway cookies, maybe it was 3, and I ate some Dortios.

Why do I always go buck wild after 9:00PM?! It’s like the witching hour… I just go crazy and all my inhibitions go out the door. This has to be fixed. Anyways, just as a heads up, I’m halfway through day 12, and things aren’t looking so great. Another shitty day. Everyone will get to hear about it either later tonight, or tomorrow sometime.

Thanks for keeping up with me! I really do need the support and love!


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