The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 12

This is review for day 12 (yesterday)

My eating was rubbish yesterday. Please just skip past this post, and if you WANT to read about my failure (and maybe laugh at my life), don’t judge me.

I woke up around noon, and felt like crap because whenever I sleep in that late, I feel like I’ve just wasted an entire day. So I didn’t have breakfast type food, I technically just ate lunch and had cauliflower rice and fish. My mother later came home with sticky buns. I ate one. Obviously. I had a cheese string and three cookies, which were basically chocolates with a cookie base…

I went to the mall to pick some stuff up, and I ended up eating a super chicken burrito from Taco Time. When I got home, I ate cashews and a hotdog. Later that night my brothers friends came over so we could all go out for my brothers birthday which was 10 days ago… So they all came over and I of course, wanted to drink so I had red wine, an all mango smoothie with some gin (I’m so healthy) and a couple of shots of stuff I can’t remember, while drinking, I was also eating barbecue chips. When we left to go to the bar I literally made it there, was standing in the VIP line with my boyfriend, my brother and his friends, and in my head, I knew I could not even do it or last the rest of the night. It had been so long since I had last drunk the amount that I did so I made my poor boyfriend take me home. As soon as I got out of the truck in front of my house, BOOM! Upchuck. I was so sick. I had to be put into the shower and everything. Embarrassing to say the least. Never made it to the club, just spewed outside of my house (TMI I KNOW!), basically had to be bathed by my boyfriend, and put to bed. So that was my wonderful day/night. Day 13 isn’t better. LOOK OUT!


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