Reship Review


I wanted to quickly review a mail forwarding service, called Reship that I used for the first time not too long ago. Reship is a service that you can use to ship items internationally to avoid high shipping costs, or you can use Reship to shop online at stores that don’t generally offer shipping to your country.

I was recently looking at a beautiful Tory Burch tote online, that retailed for $295.00 before taxes and shipping. I wanted to see what the final cost of it would be if I shipped it to Canada, more specifically, Winnipeg. So I signed up to receive the Tory Burch E-newsletters, and added the tote to my cart, and went through all of the prompts and filled out my personal information. When I got to the last step before actually paying, my total ended up being $372.00!!! That’s over $70.00 in just fees, taxes and shipping… Whereas, standard shipping from Tory Burch to anywhere in the United States is $4.00. This is what made me want to start shopping around for a reliable mail forwarding service. After looking online for a bit I finally decided on Reship. I decided that for my first order through Reship, I was going to place an order for something fairly cheap, and was only going to spend an amount of money, that I was willing to lose if, for some reason Reship lost my package, or it ended up being a weird scam. So I signed up.

There was a flat rate fee of $5.00 just for signing up. No big deal. After the sign up process, you’re given a U.S. Mailing Address, and you’re prompted to fill out your profile, which includes the address to which Reship should ship your items once they receive them, and the credit card to which they can charge their fee per package. On September 13th, 2014, I ordered a bracelet from a website called Max & Chloe for, $35.00. The Max & Chloe website charged me $4.95 to ship my bracelet to my Reship address in Portland, Oregon. Once Reship received my package on September 19th, they notified my by email. I logged onto my Reship account and by clicking on the “Outgoing Orders” tab, I was able to see that Reship had in fact received my bracelet! So, the next step was to start the shipping process to my home address. To ship this one package, Reship charged me a flat fee of $5.00 for handling the parcel, next, I had to pay for actual shipping from Reship to my home address, and for this they gave me the following six options:

  • USPS – USPS First Class International (Estimated up to 90 Days) – $11.75 (I picked this one because it’s obviously the cheapest)
  • USPS – USPS Priority International (Estimated 7 – 10 Business Days) – $30.96
  • DHL – DHL Express Worldwide (Estimated 2 – 5 Business Days) – $26.83
  • UPS – UPS Standard Standard (Estimated 7 – 10 Business Days) – $25.66
  • FEDEX – FedEx International Economy (Estimated 5 – 7 Days) – $45.78
  • FEDEX – FedEx International Priority (Estimated 2 – 5 Business Days) – $52.37

The intention behind me using a mail forwarding service was to save money, so I obviously went with the cheapest shipping option for $11.75. I received my bracelet in the mail today, October 8th, 2014, which makes for a total of 25 days (weekends and all) of waiting. I spent $21.70 in total on shipping for this one bracelet. Today I actually checked the Max & Chloe website just to see what they would charge for shipping straight to Canada, and it was $22.00 and some change… LOL. Sorry I had to laugh at myself because I thought I was saving so much money. Evidently not. Also, when I logged onto my Reship account to verify that they had received my bracelet, before shipping it, the website had me note the monetary value of the package, so naturally I put $35.00, so I’m thinking that Reship may charge you shipping and or fees based on what you’re shipping, and how much it costs. Who knows? I’m not about the ship a different items of different weight and value just to find out. All in all, the entire order went well, I just felt like I waited a long time to get my bracelet. I did contact Reship once through email to ask a question and they got back to me within 24 hours, so their response time was great.

Anyone ever use a mail forwarding service? Any suggestions on another company I could use for next time?


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