The Regimen

Hey all!

Just a little over two weeks ago I started a new skincare routine called “The Regimen”. It is a three step, morning and night routine for washing your face and clearing acne.

Just a little background on my skin: I currently have oily/acne-prone skin. I started getting acne when I was probably 13 or near the end of junior high. Being a teenager, I was so self conscious about it. Looking back I realize that I probably saw it as a much worse problem than everyone else, but isn’t that always how it goes? Anyways, during my first year of having acne, I would wash my face with anything from the drugstore or from Walmart that promised acne-free skin. Scrubs, foaming cleansers, gel cleansers, you name it, I’ve tried it. I remember at one point, after starting high school, I found these “all-natural” pills online, that claimed to clear your skin from the inside out. I begged my parents to buy them for me. I took them for a little while and they helped a bit but not enough to get rid of the acne. I eventually stopped taking them because they were expensive, and because I didn’t see any significant results. Eventually, I jumped on the ProActiv band wagon. I used it for roughly three months. During that time, my skin did clear, and people did notice the change. It was nice to finally have my skin somewhat under control. I say somewhat, because if I skipped a day or two, the acne was back. It clearly was not a solution. One day I guess it dawned on my parents that maybe I should see a doctor about my skin, but rather than going to a dermatologist, I just went to my family doctor. He prescribed me some pills, which, if I remember correctly, were minocycline pills. This was supposed to kill the acne from the inside. He also prescribed me a white cream of sorts that I was to apply in the morning and before bed, after washing my face. Just the pills were enough to clear my acne and control the constant oil. So I took these pills and used this cream until the acne was gone. After I stopped taking the pills and using the cream, I was able to just use the St. Ives Apricot Scrub as a daily cleanser and that was enough to keep my skin mostly clear. Then one day in high school, my skin started breaking out again. I tried to get my hands on the cream that my family doctor had prescribed me a year earlier and they had stopped making it, and my family doctor had retired, so the search began again. I went to a walk in clinic near my house and was prescribed Benzaclin. I would use this in conjunction with my apricot scrub, and it worked so well! It was the easiest skin care routine I had ever done. I would just wash my face and apply the Benzaclin. No pills involved. After doing this for a couple of years, I started getting small skin coloured zits all over my forehead. They weren’t insanely noticeable, but they were so annoying! The Benzaclin cleared every part of my face except the small bumps on my forehead. Then just recently, as in two months ago, I started to break out on my chin. At one point I had at least six pimples/zits on my chin… So frustrating! I mean, here I was, having been basically clear for years and all of a sudden, this disgusting breakout near my mouth. I gave my skin some time. I washed with my apricot scrub as usual and applied the Benzaclin. This just did nothing for the minefield of acne on my chin. So I started using a gentle toner from The Body Shop. This helped slightly, but not enough. I switched cleansers, which also didn’t work, then the acne got worse. I started getting acne on my cheeks and on my nose again, which hadn’t happened since the beginning of high school. I felt like I was being thrown right back into my teenage years of having embarrassing acne, and feeling like everywhere I went, people were staring straight into the eyes of every nasty pimple on my face. So I started doing research. I figured that because I’ve cleaned up my eating in the last couple of years, my skin might benefit a lot from also taking some vitamins. I started by taking a women’s multivitamin, some extra vitamin A which is great for skin and eye health, some zinc, and some selenium, which is a super anti-oxidant. Then after watching lots of Youtube videos and looking online, I ordered The Regimen, which you can buy from here –> Acne.Org!

The Regimen includes a gentle, foaming, facial cleanser, 2.5% Benzol Peroxide gel, and a moisturizer. You can order the system in different sizes. I bought the 8oz size, just to try it out. This size is supposed to last you roughly 30-40 days. The Regimen comes with very specific instructions, which you can read for yourself in the picture provided.

I received The Regimen on the October 2nd, and started using it that same night. Today I’m basically halfway through my first month on The Regimen. Let me just say, this stuff works. The thing that I believe to be different about it, is that the guy who created The Regimen, Dan Kern, has a list of drugstore products you can use like The Regimen, if you can’t get your hands on the actual Regimen.

The morning after using The Regimen for the first time, my skin was already better. A couple days in, my chin, jawline, and near my mouth had at least eight pimples! I know. I freaked out. I was angry, and I was sad. Every other part of my face was dry and so flaky. I’d been used to having the oiliest skin around town, and now, my skin was so dry, and so tight. Talk about extremes. For the first week, I swore off all kinds of makeup, to aid in my skin clearing up. On the 8th day, I literally was like screw it! I need the makeup. One pimple would disappear, and another big, ugly pimple would form. In a rage, I started doing more research on Acne.Org about breaking out, and was immediately comforted to know that everyone else who had ever used The Regimen had experienced an initial skin “purge”. I wasn’t alone and knew that the pimples from hell were normal. So I put on the best makeup I could find to conceal what I could. Right now I’m into Chanel’s Perfection Lumière. This was fine. Thirteen days in my skin finally started clearing up. Today, I do have scars from the giant pimples, but no new acne. My skin is still slightly dry, but nowhere near as flaky and tight as it was during the first week. I’ve really noticed that the redness in my skin is significantly reduced. My skin also has a healthy glow that I can’t really explain. It’s like my skin is the colour and tone that it’s supposed to be, and my cheeks are slightly flushed, like I’m wearing a sheer blush, it’s hard to explain, other than the scars on my chin, my skin just looks healthy. The benzol peroxide still makes me itchy and dry in some spots, but everywhere else my skin seems to have found a euphoric balance. Not dry, not oily, just normal skin. I’m still waiting on all of the dryness to disappear, but at this point I’m not worried. I know The Regimen is working. If you’re struggling with acne or cystic acne, please, please, please try The Regimen! Visit Acne.Org and do some research, read reviews, and take Dan Kern’s advice!

I’ll be doing an update when I finish my bottles of The Regimen. I’ll also be posting some lovely  before and after photos of my skin!



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