Chanel’s Perfection Lumière Velvet – Review

I recently decided that I’m no longer going to be loading junk onto my face. I’m going to take care of my skin by using makeup that allows my skin to breathe, use sunscreen everyday, and find a skin care routine that works and isn’t insanely harsh. Chanel was one of the first brands I thought of when I decided that I wanted some quality makeup. Initially I was intimidated by the prices associated with their cosmetics, but then I thought of all the crap makeup I’d ever bought, that was a) never the right colour, b) so cheap that it made my skin freak out or c) just so cakey or heavy. I of course wasn’t about to drop hundreds of dollars on new makeup without doing some research first. First, I decided I wanted a liquid foundation, not a powder, then I used Makeup Alley to read reviews on different Chanel liquid foundations. Basically it came down to the Perfection Lumière Velvet and the Perfection Lumière. So I went to a Chanel counter in the mall and asked which foundation would be better for my oily skin, and the Sales Associate recommended the Velvet, because it helps skin stay matte throughout the day. I left the Chanel counter that day with a sample of the Perfection Lumière Velvet in the Beige 40 and the ‘Satisfaction 89’ Rouge Coco Shine lipstick (this was an impulse buy, but well worth it).
When I got home, I immediately tested some on my face and fell in love… Or so I thought.
The next day I used the foundation all over my face. This foundation is a liquid and immediately after it’s applied, it sets as a beautiful light powder. I wore the foundation all day, and it did stay matte as promised in most places. I was still slightly oily in my t-zone, but that’s just my skin, no matter what. The Beige 40 also turned out to be too light for my skin tone, which I could fix by just buying a shade darker. I did notice that around pimples or blemishes, the makeup had dried up and made them flakey. Other than that, the makeup seemed to stay in place. When I washed my face at the end of the day I noticed that I had these little white bumps all over my chin, which I chalked up to just having started a new face washing routine. The next day I used the foundation all over my face again, and that night, same deal, more white bumps. I continued to use the foundation until my sample was done, and I had the same results. Obviously I was sad because I was so excited about using a Chanel product.

In terms of texture, I love the fact that this foundation is a liquid, and that it basically sets as a powder once applied. I did not like that it accentuated pimples or blemishes by making them flakey.
I personally loved the scent of this foundation. It has this really light, fresh, floral scent that fades after having the makeup on for a couple of hours.
I wouldn’t buy this foundation again, only because it gave me some weird acne, but everyone’s skin is different, and just because it didn’t work for my oily/acne prone skin, doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else. If you’re wanting some luxurious makeup, I would highly suggest visiting up your local Chanel counter and getting some different samples. You’re sure to find at least one thing worth splurging on that you’ll end up loving.


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