Your Tea, Tiny Tea Final Review

Clearly this post is long overdue. If you look at the date from my “Day 1” of Tiny Tea, it’s basically from a million years ago.

So here are my honest thoughts on the tea:

I liked the taste of the tea. I’m a tea aficionado, and I’m constantly drinking tea, so the taste was normal, even enjoyable for me. I did find it a bit irritating, having to time when I drank the tea before at least two meals a day. Doing this also made the 30 minute wait time to my meal, seem like an eternity. I felt like the tea mostly helped with bloating. Over the 14 days of doing the detox, I was eating healthy and going on “brisk” walks almost every other day. I lost a total of four pounds, which isn’t life changing, but it is something! As promised, here are some photos of my bloated belly pre-teatox and then my less pudgy tummy post-teatox.


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