The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 17


So, as promised, I’m posting my ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots today! But first, here’s my review for yesterday, which was day 17/the last day of the first cycle.

I’m going to go into too much detail right now about my body… So every month when my period comes, I get INSANE cramps. They’re so bad that I break out into cold sweats, I feel like I’m going to throw up, and sometimes the pain is so bad that I feel like I’m going to pass out. It only started getting this bad when I was 17… I’m currently 22 years old. I just suffered for years thinking that I could tough it out, or pray that the next month would be better. I finally went to the doctor two months ago and was prescribed Tylenol 3’s, Buscopan, and Naproxen. The Tylenol 3’s help with the nausea and headaches and just general pain. The Buscopan is to slow the rhythmic contractions in the stomach area, and it reduces muscle spasms. The Naproxen is an anti-inflammatory drug that is helping to reduce the inflammation in my uterus… obviously. These three in conjunction have worked wonderfully. I got my period yesterday and only took one of each of the pills and they lasted all day. Today I took one of each again and I’m feeling good. The relevance of all this TMI is that I’m not supposed to take these pills on an empty stomach, and when I’m on my period, certain foods just turn me off completely, even foods that I normally love. So I just wanted to explain why my eating pattern, and food choices for yesterday were so weird. So onto less gross things…

Yesterday I woke up, had green tea, ate carrots and tzatziki sauce, and microwave popcorn. I thought about eating poached eggs, but the thought of eating eggs made my stomach churn. I took my pills for the first time yesterday and was in a panic about whether or not they would work. Within an hour, I felt like I was having a normal period for the first time in 6 years. So far, so good (:

I didn’t feel like I could eat lunch, so I didn’t.

I didn’t workout because the pills just made me feel tired. My body was relaxed and I just wanted to be cozy in bed. So, that’s what I did. I stayed in bed and started watching Bates Motel (which I’m now OBSESSED with) until I had to get ready for work. I eventually got up and showered and went to work. For dinner at work I had a small, completely plain, piece of baked fish. I also ate frozen mangoes, strawberries, and peach yogurt. That seemed to be enough to satisfy me. At 9:30PM, I finished work and was starving, so my boyfriend took me to Subway to get a chicken breast salad. It was a variety of vegetables, chicken breast, pepper, and oregano. I never get cheese or sauce/dressing on my Subway salads. So I ate my salad, had a tiny bite of a cookie and had a couple of sips of my boyfriends iced tea. When I got home I had a bite of a pork chop filet. So that concluded my eating for the final day of the first cycle. Not horrible, but not exactly perfect.

I’ve decided to continue on with the second cycle of the 17 Day Diet! Yay! You all get to read more posts about my lack of will power when it comes to Chinese food and cookies! Thanks for following me on the first 17 days of this eating plan, and thanks for not being JUDGEY!

Finally, as promised… here are my ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. Don’t be too hard on me!

BEFORE - The morning of my first day on The 17 Day Diet, cycle 1.

BEFORE – The morning of my first day on The 17 Day Diet, cycle 1.

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 11.56.46 AM

AFTER – The morning after the final day of The 17 Day Diet, Cycle 1.


The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 10


Today was AMAZING! I ate good all day and I exercised!!! WOOHOO!!! So I literally have seven days left and I’m determined to make the last seven days really count.

I had two poached eggs, spinach, and yogurt with chia seeds and blueberries for breakfast. For lunch I ate mixed vegetables, cauliflower rice and chicken. I also ate an apple and some yougurt. I was out tonight for dinner, but I still managed to eat well. I had mixed vegetables with salmon and chicken and green tea! I was mildly tempted to get dessert but that passed when I just took two seconds to think about how I have to take a ‘before’ shot of my body 7 days from today. I feel like my posts are getting shorter and shorter each day, but I guess it’s because the less shitty I eat, there’s less for me to talk about. Funny how that works. I’m glad today went well. Last night after blogging, I was up late just looking at pictures of fit women on the internet and on Instagram. That always kind of helps me realize that other people are working hard to maintain their weight and fitness levels, and that I’m no different. If I want it, I’m the only person who can do it.

Anyways, I’m really distracted by how much Spring cleaning I need to do. The list includes a cosmetic purge, clothing purge, shoe purge, handbag/tote/clutch purge, and an unhealthy attitude purge. I’m looking forward to tomorrow to see how well I can do. I’m actually aiming to workout for 30 minutes tomorrow. We’ll see if I follow through. Thanks for the continued support! WISH ME LUCK!

The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 7

A WEEK DOWNNNN! 10 days to go! Here’s my review for day 7/March 17th, 2014

My day went extremely well (minus one bubble tea)! I had a healthy breakfast with lots of protein and tea and water. I worked out for 20 minutes on the Bowflex, had a shower, had a chicken stir fry for lunch with my boyfriend, and then did two hours of shopping, which to me, is basically two hours of cardio.

Tonight for supper I made myself CAULIFLOWER RICE! For the amazing recipe, visit Stephanie Eusebi’s blog! So anyways, I made this rice just how Stephanie suggested, except I didn’t have any turmeric, so I used cumin instead. Let me just say, as an asian person, I love rice. It’s a staple and I’m used to the idea of having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, I like my rice white, nice and starchy and carby. This cauliflower rice is amazing, it has the consistency and texture of rice, and it’s white, it really did trick me tonight. Adding the cumin made it taste like basmati rice, I just about died and went to heaven. I ate this rice with a baked chicken breast, and it was extremely filling. This is the best rice dupe ever, I still don’t believe it’s cauliflower. Anyways, THANKS A BUNCH STEPHANIE EUSEBI!

After supper my boyfriend started talking about bubble tea… Evidently, we left the house to get some. I had a green tea/almond bubble tea with half the bubbles. UGHHH! I went to Value Village to walk around with my bubble tea. I ended up trying on 30 million different items (that was a chore) and walked out with a dress, and a beautiful floral scarf, which are both in the wash right now! So that was my day. It was perfect minus the bubble tea. Close enough. Here are some pictures of things that make me happy:


This is my lovely 'E' mug that I like to drink my tea out of every single morning. Notice that I'm also in bed. Best combination, I swear.

This is my lovely ‘E’ mug that I like to drink my tea out of every single morning. Notice that I’m also in bed. Best combination, I swear.

This is Cooper. He's the cutest thing I own. I wake up to him every morning, and then we drink tea in bed together.

This is Cooper. He’s the cutest thing I own. I wake up to him every morning, and then we drink tea in bed together.





The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 6

Yayyyyy! Day 6! 11 days left! 

So I should probably mention that I did take some ‘before’ photos on the morning of day 1. They’re not fun to look at and I’m kind of embarrassed about them… That being said, I do have over a week left to really do this thing.

I feel extremely good about today! I had a super healthy, and according-to-the-book breakfast. I worked out for just over THIRTY minutes today, because apparently, I was just having a day where I felt strong, and capable. I ate a spinach salad with grilled chicken, half an avocado (I don’t think avocados are allowed during the first cycle though. Ooopsies), and half a cup of greek yogurt. For supper I had an oven roasted chicken breast salad from subway with all the vegetables, no dressing and no cheese. I also drank a million litres of tea and water (:

So there you have it folks! My first 100% successful day of The 17 Day Diet! Today has made me realize that even though some days are shit, you have days where you hit it out of the park. Here’s to tomorrow being amazing too! 

The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 4

Here’s my review for day 4 (March 14th)

So the day started out great. Started with a healthy breakfast, worked out for 20 minutes on the Bowflex, ate baked fish and a giant salad for lunch and then went to work and ate another giant salad and baked fish for supper, but then my girlfriend/co-worker tempted me with some raisin Glosettes… I ate like, 5. No big deal, raisins are a fruit, right? I’ve also never had Altoids in my life, and for some reason, my boyfriend decided to give me a mini tin of cinnamon Altoids. The tin had roughly 12 pieces and I ate 9. I was all about the Altoids yesterday. If you haven’t caught on yet, I have a sweet tooth that can’t be stopped.

After work, my dad decided that he would take my brother, boyfriend and I out for Chinese food, in celebration of my brothers birthday (my parents are separated, so we get to do two of everything. Two birthday dinners, two Christmases, two houses, double the presents etc. Separation isn’t bad forever). Obviously I was wrong about the birthday festivities being over. So again, I was at another hole in the wall Chinese restaurant, far past supper time, sitting at a table covered in chow meins, beef dishes, and fish. I realize that this food is probably LOADED with MSG, but nonetheless I ate. I tried my best to eat the chicken, pork, fish, beef, shrimp and vegetables off each of the dishes. I had no noodles or rice and drank as much water as one person can possibly handle during one meal. I made it out okay, but naturally, my stomach hated me for it this morning.

So that was my day. Still a constant struggle to eat right, but I don’t think anyone ever gets it 100%. Today has been good so far. I’ll try to post about day 5 (today) at around 11:00PM, tonight. After today, I’ll have 12 days left!!! It’s gone by so much faster and smoother than I anticipated. This blog is keeping me mostly on track. Again, VIRTUAL HIGH FIVES to all the people who care enough to read about my sweet tooth, and my inability to stay away from Chinese food at midnight. You guys keep me motivated.

This is the Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 (middle model, out of 3) that we have at home. It’s been my bff since my mom bought it this past December.




The 17 Day Diet Review – Day 1

So today was the first day of my 17 day journey. 16 more to go.

I ate according to the book, except for one chicken finger. Shame on me. My dad showed up at my house shortly after supper, and proceeded to take me to some hole in the wall, Chinese restaurant, downtown. I picked through the chow mein that he INSISTED on ordering, and only ate the broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and chicken. No breads, pastas or rice for this girl.

My dad looks at me like I’ve lost my mind anytime I’m trying to eat healthy, or if I say no to chocolate. He always tells me that I don’t need to drop a single pound. Like, thanks dad, next you’re going to tell me that I’m the prettiest girl in the world (bless his soul).

Other than that one chicken finger, everything was pretty good today. I woke up, had a good breakfast, ate chicken breast, and vegetables for lunch and dinner. Drank water all day, had green tea, had chamomile tea AND, I exercised for 20 minutes rather than just 17 minutes. Where’s my gold medal?

– E

The 17 Day Diet Review

This is literally the ONE eating plan that I swear by.

With Spring practically here, I’m automatically thinking of what I’m going to do about the lack of clothing that comes with Summer. I also LOVE the beach, but feeling even slightly insecure puts a damper on me soaking up the sun.

The 17 Day Diet is split up into four cycles of 17 days each. Each cycle has a wide range of foods that you’re allowed to eat. This book does not tell you to eat a cube of cheese and drink 3 glasses of water, wait thirty minutes and then as a treat you get to eat ice chips for 17 days, and voila, you’re skinny. You don’t starve on this diet, I promise!

I’ve done the first cycle of this diet a total of 1.9 times… It’s almost twice because the second time I lasted the first 15 days and then I went on a road trip to the states, and it was hello fast food and juicy steaks and goodbye self-control. Anyways the first time I did it, I did not weigh myself either before or after. I had this messed up notion in my head that even if I did lose 10-17 pounds, I still would not be satisfied, so instead of focusing on the number, I went off of how I felt 17 days later. On top of some dudes at work telling me that I looked like I had “put in work” at the gym (this book tells you to exercise for 17 minutes a day), I felt good. My insides felt clean, and I literally felt like I was more mobile.

If you have any qualms about my doing this diet, or what more it entails, or how you think it’s super unhealthy for someone to lose such a “significant” amount of weight in such a short time, GO READ THE BOOK! I’m not even telling you to buy it. Go to your library and see if they have it, or borrow it from your sexy, slim friend.

I’m starting the first cycle of this eating plan tomorrow, which is technically today because I’m blogging so late. Anyways, Tuesday, March 11th 2014 will be counted as day 1. I keep telling myself that because I have to blog about my attempt to shed some weight, I’ll have to be accountable, therefore more successful… LOL. We will just have to see. I’ll keep everyone posted from day to day about how much it kills me to prepare actual food, and if everyone is nice, I might even weigh myself and take ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures and post those too! Stay tuned. I HEART VEGGIES.

– E


This is the 17 Day Diet book sans its ugly paper cover, which I recycled. Above the book is Wish the fish. He makes up 1/2 of my pets.